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22 Dec

It has been one week since I arrived home from college and it feels as if my body and mind are still acclimating to the change in environment. For lack of better words my eating habits and general health have gone to hell in a handbasket. Two weeks ago my diet was so basic and non processed that it was never an issue digesting and feeling fully energized throughout the day. At the time it wouldn’t be uncommon to make a 7-8AM gym session, and spend 10 hours in the studio with one or two classes in between. Now I just feel disconcerted about allergies, sickness and anxiety. I swear if it were the middle ages I would have died before I reached the age of 20 with the immune system I was given. Wait, I’m pretty sure dying at twenty was average back then… But truthfully, prayer, healthy eating and routine workouts with my fellow brethren are three resolutions in mind.

Being at home has caused a noticeable downshift in the speed and quantity of the making process. Naturally,  the medium I’ve been working with lately is more traditional and less reliant on technology or certain tools. The outdoors usually lends itself to accessibility, subject matter and new ideas. One process in particular is the study of North American songbirds. Using a low-end camcorder with a basic macro video setting, I capture anything from chickadees, nuthatches and titmice inches away from the lens.

Many other art processes are still achievable without the luxury of university facilities. In the long-term an acid bath for steel, zinc and copper plate etchings are things I hope to acquire. More traditional and fully appropriate for the current setting is woodcuts. Also, as of  this week I’ve taken on a more crafty approach to woodworking combined with ink drawings. This methodology came about when I decided to create a simple animal puzzle out of an aromatic cedar board. This project is nearly completed and will end up being a Christmas present. Acrylic laminated coasters with pyrography, ink, and collage are three similar approaches that have sprouted and will certainly be expanded on in the future. I hope everyone reading has a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays.

Here is some footage of the songbirds along with documentation of the December 2011 BFA exhibition. Images were taken by Portia, Devin Henry and Katherine Head.


That’s All Folks

14 Dec

Recently I’ve been reflecting on the realization that every unique or respectable person that comes into my life leaves a piece of their story with me wherever I go. All the windows of time that I can differentiate from each other within the past several years truly have shaped my perspective in a social setting and approach to art making. Taking residence in the village of Alfred, New York for the majority of the past 2 1/2 years has a lot to do with this. With that being said, here’s to choosing the positive influences that help us grow and become stronger individuals.

As of now my current focus remains on the Six And Four Articulations performing arts tour, searching for future artist residencies in printmaking or video and finding a suitable profession as a temporary or permanent  means of income.

In the coming days I will be posting some photos from the December BFA Thesis Exhibition, past works and current sketches/ideas. If you are interested in purchasing any of my prints check out my shop in the link below.


A Head With No Legs

5 Dec

It is odd to not have the obligation of attending dance rehearsal any longer. “Stool Dance”, choreographed by Laura Smith and myself was performed Friday evening in the CD Smith theater as a one night showing. The piece was my last duet as an AU student and will be integrated with the Six and Four Articulations Performance Tour for summer 2012. If you are interested in supporting an eager group actively involved in the performing arts check out our kickstarter page in the link below. The tour is across the U.S. so if we make it out your way come see us!

Six and Four Articulations Kickstarter –

Today marks the 1st day of setup for the 2011 December BFA Thesis Exhibition. The opening and reception is taking place Saturday December 10th from 4-7pm in the Robert C. Turner Gallery.

Six senior undergrad artists will be showing their work in a variety of mediums including glass, ceramics, painting, print-making and video. I am currently building a table that will showcase a cedar stereoscope and several stereo images. All show prints have been finished and are ready to be flattened. Yesterday evening I added a wash of India ink over the show edition of a large scale exotic bird etching. Many happenings prior to the show involve preparing food, creating a pricing book, printing work descriptions and attending three Art History classes.

Yesterday some of the Universities art students organized a “stuff swap” on campus that was quite successful. Those who participated dropped off used clothing and other items in exchange for anything appealing that was previously left. Giving up two pairs of old pants for a funky little winter vest was the highlight of my exchange. After the swap I met up with a friend who attends Alfred State and danced for an hour.

At noon on the Sunday following senior shows is the II annual Lumberjack Breakfast. Friends have been invited to our home to share breakfast foods potluck style and maybe sport some beards and a flannel along the way. It should be an enjoyable way to wrap up the semester.

Here the ink washed version of a recently completed large scale steel plate etching. Ciao